Lunatix Information

A menu in each room will show you what to do. For instance when you start (and you're in "your room") you may press L to leave your room. If you want, you can S step into the closet, C check your stash, and so on.

If you need to return to your room to exit the game, remember to keep typing X by itself. You will backtrack back to your room at which time hitting X will cause you to exit.

---- WEAPONS, DEFENSES & STUFF: You begin as a helpless mental patient. Your first priority should be to Leave your room, Go to the cafeteria, and talk to Napoleon and Socrates. This is how you buy a weapon and a defense.

---- SPECIAL ITEMS: You can also gain a number of special items in the game and on other floors of the game. To see a list of what items you are carrying in your "inventory," you type ITEMS on a line by itself. You may have to figure out what each item is, and what it does, for yourself.

---- FIGHTING: You gain experience points when you fight shadows in your closet. You also gain Crazy Bucks which is currency in this place. With experience, your skill can increase, and with Crazy Bucks you can heal yourself of damage, buy weapons and defenses, bribe door guards, and so on. Tip: Always remember to M Heal yourself in the closet!

You can also hire door guards. Your door guard can protect you, but for a price you can get into another player's room anyway...

---- WHEN YOU DIE: If you die (and you most surely will) have no fear. You can play again tomorrow. If you get killed and you haven't played yet today, you will be allowed into the game anyways (you are guaranteed your turns each day). There might be a way to gain a free life as well... When you die, you loose half of any crazy bucks you have foolishly left on hand and 10 perecent of your experience points. Tip: Put your crazy bucks into your stash!

---- GLOBAL COMMANDS: Lunatix is multi-player so other patients may be awake and roaming the halls. A few commands exist so you can play "with" other patients

These commands work from most any room. Remember, you're free to talk (using your powerful ESP) to other patients using the SAY command. To see who is around to hear you, type FIND by itself.

---- TELECONFERENCING: Some rooms in Lunatix are SHARED! This means you will see WHO ELSE is in that room, just by being there. For example, go to the cafeteria. if anybody else is "in" the cafeteria, you can talk to them just by typing what you want to say. Anybody in the same room will hear you. You may also direct what you want to say by starting your message with a > sign and the name of the player. For example, if you wanted to tell Sly that Lunatix is hilarious, you would type this:

>SLY Lunatix is Hilarious! Others in the room would see: SomeGuy (to Sly): Lunatix is Hilarious! Sly himself would see this: SomeGuy (to YOU): Lunatix is Hilarious!

You may also whisper to JUST a single player, even if they aren't in the same room. To whisper to a user anywhere in Lunatix, you'd type a / key before the name, then your message. For example, to tell Sly how good looking he is, you'd type:

/Sly You sure are a good looking fella. By doing that, ONLY Sly would see the message, as a "whisper" from you.

---- ACTIONS: You can perform ACTIONS to other users. (For a complete list of the actions available to you, type ACTIONS). To do an action, type the name of the action, followed by the name of another user who's awake in the game right now.

For example type HUG SLY to hug sly. Type SMOOCH ACKY to smooch Acky (if such a player exists). Some actions are specific to your class. For instance, Homicidal maniacs can use the KILL and DISMEMBER actions.

You can invent your own actions by using the GA action, followed by the other player's name, then the text of your action. For example, if you wish to kick Bear in the groin, you would type: GA Bear just kicked you in the groin. It hurts a "little." Player "Bear" would then see:

Somebody just kicked you in the groin. It hurts a "little." Get it? In this manner, you can make up additional actions. Use colors to make them look better if you want.

---- DO NOT DISTURB: Sometimes if you are playing, and a lot of people are talking and it is just bothering you, you can turn on your LunBUSY flag. If you type BUSY then you will no longer see whispers, SAY's, entrances, exits, and other game messages. You'll experience peace & quiet. To turn your LunBUSY off, type BUSY again.

---- EXPERT MODE: Once you are really good at playing, you may wish to not see all the nice ANSI rooms in the game. Type MODE to switch to expert mode. You will then just see the name of the room, and your prompt line. If you are in expert mode and wish to take a look at the menu, type ? by itself. To return to normal mode, and see all the rooms, type MODE again. As new versions of Lunatix are released, the menus may change and new options may be added, so it is good to check the rooms occassionally.

---- THE ELEVATOR: Lunatix has been built for easy add-on, via the Elevator. From the hall, E is used to enter the elevator. This is where IGM (In-Game Module) add-ons can be accessed. IGM's are written using a fairly simple script language called LunScript. The IGM kit is free upon request by writing to (we can file-attach the IGM kit to a message for you). Our hope is that Lunatix will see lots of these elevator IGM add-ons in the future, making the game large and very enjoyable.

When registered, you get 5 elevator trips a day, plus up to 20 bonus trips set up by the sysop. In the DEMO (unregistered version) you only get 3 trips per day.

To write an IGM, you don't need anything except the free kit, not even the game itself! The kit has everything you need to write an IGM, and did I mention it's FREE? Email for the kit if your ISP allows file attachments!

---- THE GOAL!: You must escape THREE times at level twelve to win the game. When you escape the first two times, you will be reset to level 1, no weapon, no money, no experience, and you must work your way back up and do it again. When you escape at level 12 for the 3rd time, the whole game will reset and you are declared the winner!

...Unless the sysop has turned the reset option OFF at which time you will be reset *again* but the game will continue at your 3rd escape.


This is all the help you should need. Get to it!! Good Luck!!!